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Install Notifications (Echo) on the Polish Wikipedia
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Please install Notifications (Echo) on the Polish Wikipedia. I think the community supports this in general.

Is it even possible? It seems some similar requests were rejected (bug 50064?).

I'll start a straw poll to confirm this after it's made clear that the request will be fulfilled (I don't want to bother them otherwise).

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: enhancement
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matmarex created this task.Jul 12 2013, 5:32 PM

Hi Bartosz,

Yes, we are now looking for a few wikis who want Notifications right away, so we can deploy it on their sites later this summer.

Let us know what the Polish community thinks. If the straw poll is favorable, we can include you in our short list of summer deployments (which now includes Meta and the French Wikipedia).

Thanks for taking the time to suggest this!

Straw poll:

Overwhelming support, 21/2/2 right now :)

Can we get a more precise estimate on "later this summer"?

Hi Bartosz,

Glad to hear that the Polish community has reached consensus for deployment of Notifications this summer. We are very happy to have you as one of our first pilot sites for this tool!

Our current target date for this deployment is now set to Tuesday, August 20th at about 12pm PT (~21:00 Central European Time, if I am correct).

It would be great if someone could start translating this FAQ page to Polish, and give us the URL, so we can link the help icons to that page when the tool is released in late August:

We plan to deploy Notifications to MetaWiki tomorrow, which will give us a first preview of how the tool works in languages other than English.

Please let us know if you gave any questions, comments or suggestions.

Look forward to working with you on this release!

(In reply to comment #3)

It would be great if someone could start translating this FAQ page to Polish,
and give us the URL, so we can link the help icons to that page when the tool
is released in late August:

Then this page should be copied somewhere that is not English Wikipedia and that has the Translate extension installed.

VisualEditor's FAQ and help pages were being translated on and copied to the wikis later, but Meta would do just as fine here.

And thanks for responding :) I'll forward this information to the community.

I have copied relevant pages from the English Wikipedia to:

They should get translated and adjusted before the deployment.

Wonderful, thank you!

Let's reconnect after Wikimania, around Aug. 15, to see if there are any final questions before the scheduled Aug. 20 deployment, which should take place at about 21:00 CET.


By the way, I just noticed that Echo doesn't provide notifications for events related to the FlaggedRevs extension pl.wp has installed, in particular the act of "sighting" a page (similar to how page patrolling in core works).

I filed bug 52510 about this. It's not a deployment blocker, but it would be *really* nice to have it.

Hello Bartosz,

Thanks for bringing up the question about FlaggedRevs. At this point, we do not plan support these events, and will not be able to implement this request in the near-term, sadly.

In the meantime, I would like to make sure that all is ready on your end for our August 20 release.

If you haven't already, we recommend you do the following for this proposed release:

  • Confirm on Meta that the Notifications interface has been properly translated to Swedish -- update the translations if needed.
  • Translate and create a Polish version of this help page, which links from the tool's interface (question marks on flyout and archive):

  • Go over the checklist in this Notifications release plan and determine if you need to make any special adjustments (e.g. default user settings):

Thanks so much for your interest in this tool. I look forward to working with you soon.

Sorry, I meant to say 'translate to Polish' (not 'Swedish'). My apologies, I am juggling a number of parallel releases and am using more copy-and-paste than I should. ;o)

I'm pretty sure this can be closed now :) Thanks, Fabrice!