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Improve UX in chapter dropdown menu for books with lots of chapters
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If a book has e. g. 100 chapters, the menu may be a little inconvenient for the user.

Open e.g.

and execute the following in the console:


  .append('<li>Extra chapter '+i+'</li>');

you'll have to scroll the page to get to the last chapter, and I don't know if this is the better approach.

One alternative I can think of is to add just a few (10?) chapters to the list and insert an input box after that,


.after('<input type="search" placeholder="Search chapter...">');

which the user could use to type the name of another chapter, and get suggestions as in Vector's search menu, which seems to use this module:

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Note: it also needs a vertical-scrollbar when the menu reach a certain size limit

Another option, for Helder's idea, is the 'infinite scrolling'(I love that):

Generic exemples, here:

And mediawiki exemple in extension 'Page Curation', here:

Change 74658 had a related patch set uploaded by Mollywhite:
Bug 51257: Improve chapter dropdown for books with many chapters.

Change 74658 merged by Mollywhite:
Bug 51257: Improve chapter dropdown for books with many chapters.

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Declining because BookManagerv2 is an archived extension now. Please see T178938: Archive the BookManagerv2 extension for details. All Gerrit patches were already abandoned long ago.