Condition limit is broken: consumes 100,000+ conditions limit is set to 1000


For a extreme example, consider this filter:

How can it consumes 23296 conditions if the condition limit is set to 1000?

Why does that value changes every second?
(reloading the page a few times I got: 51172, then 3986, then 7859, 14690, and so on...)

This is very confusing for users trying to debug and optimize the existing filters...

See Also:
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T43691: Abuse filter inconsistent matching between testing and real checking
T57459: Include "condition limit consumed" column in AbuseFilter list

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I don't know if this is a problem, but I noticed the function getFilterProfile uses three keys:
wfMemcKey( 'abusefilter', 'profile', $filter, 'count' );
wfMemcKey( 'abusefilter', 'profile', $filter, 'total' );
wfMemcKey( 'abusefilter', 'profile-conds', 'total' );

But the resetFilterProfile only resets the first two. Shouldn't it also reset the key profile-conds?


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(In reply to comment #0)

For a extreme example, consider this filter:

How can it consumes 23296 conditions if the condition limit is set to 1000?

Where exactly can I see that (position in the UI)?

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There is a line like this:

Statistics: Of the last 147 actions, this filter has matched 4 (2.72%). On average, its run time is 1.77 ms, and it consumes 13,105 conditions of the condition limit.

(the text comes from [[MediaWiki:abusefilter-edit-status]])

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It really doesn't known what a "limit" is: I just saw it saying filter 473 consumes 112,686 conditions (!)

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This is really three separate bugs that all lead to per filter stats corruption:

  1. Failure to reset properly when a filter is edited.
  2. Failure to count properly when evaluation is aborted due to the condition limit being reached.
  3. A race condition that causes near simultaneous instances of the AbuseFilter to corrupt each others stats.

The third problem is the dominant one for the highly active wikis and can lead to really silly results. Both per filter condition counts and run times are affected, though the nonsensical condition counts are more noticeable.

I am nearly done with a patch that addresses this bug.

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Change 201104 had a related patch set uploaded (by Dragons flight):
Overhaul AbuseFilter internal profiling system

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