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Add a machine-readable output format to articlefeedbackv5-view-feedback API
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Currently, the articlefeedbackv5-view-feedback API renders information about the feedback in HTML.


As far as I know, the only way to programmatically retrieve the actual comment is to use this API and extract it from the HTML. But parsing HTML is difficult and the rendering can change without notice (I guess that's why MediaWiki has an API :-). It would be nice to have a more machine-readable format.

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Thanks for filing. I wouldn't call this an enhancement, having mixed HTML makes it a non-API.

Ah, I see you use it for an aiding tool, adding URL for context.

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All development work on AbuseFilter v.5 (and indeed, previous versions) is halted. The project is archived, so having open tasks is inappropriate. Consequently, I'm closing all tasks.

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Re-investigating per T146253

Change 966177 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jack Phoenix; author: Jack Phoenix):

[mediawiki/extensions/ArticleFeedbackv5@master] Add a machine-readable output format to articlefeedbackv5-view-feedback API