VisualEditor: Whitespace corruption, HTML-like entities removed, and apparent DSR issues
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Author: wmdv

I changed the word "you" to "your" by inserting an "r," in [[Gerrit/Tutorial]], but the edit summary said I inserted 10 characters, and the [ diff report] showed about 15 lines, with various things shifted around. I was using Chrom on Windows 8.

I reported this on the support page, and‎17:17, July 13, 2013 reverted my edit, and suggested I file a bug report. [ Support desk resolution.]

I have also been noticing that when a change comes up on my Wikipedia watch list, I sometimes have difficulty telling what an editor did, because the diff report is full of unmodified content.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal

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wmdv wrote:

I am unable to enter the correct url, because it ends with a period, which seems to confuse bugzilla.

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Trying to manually encode the dot again... It didn't work even on the URL field.

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Very odd corruption; assigning.

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No ability to track this down and no recurrence in over a year; closing.

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