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TemplateData: Hint that templates should have whitespace inserted after/before them (e.g. for message box notice templates)
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Adding template 'unref' to the top of an article should add a new line, rather than putting {{unref}} at beginning of the existing line.

Steps to reproduce:

  2. Position cursor at beginning of the text
  3. Click Transclusion (Insert template)
  4. Select template 'Unreferenced'
  5. Click 'add template' and 'apply changes'

Expected results:
The template should be placed as a block above the first line.

Actual results:
The text is placed to the right of the template, on the same line.

(The same problem can be seen by creating a sandbox in VE with 'Blah', and then adding {{unref}} per the steps above.)

The {{unref}} template contains a line feed. Wikitext '{{unref}}Blah' is not rendered with Blah on the same line as the template.

The VE is

  1. displaying the wikitext incorrectly, and
  2. not intelligently knowing that inserting '{{unref}}' requires the insertion of a line feed after the template.

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Severity: enhancement



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T64147: Add an option in TemplateData to specify desired wikitext whitespace formatting of parameters was implemented that should resolve this requirement; 'block' mode requires Foo{{bar|boom=bang}}baz to be Foo{{bar\n| boom = bang\n}}\nbaz (see specification). Implementation of this in Parsoid is T111674: Parsoid on serialisation should use the `format` field from TemplateData if available to set the whitespace formatting of new/edited transclusions.

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