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No globe displayed on entity for coordinates on other globes
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Author: pyfisch

Coordinates on the moon can be already added to Wikidata using the API. But Wikidata does not displays in user interface that a coordinate is on the moon. Also in edit mode it is not displayed.

Example: (normal view) (api view), look for the text: globe=""

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The coordinates are displayed on the wikidata entity page, the problem is that the globe they are on is not displayed!

p625 correctly shows 4°6'0"N, 10°28'12"E on Q153150 but doesnt tell you which globe these coordinates are on.

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 54097 ***

Something may have got lost in migration, but this is not a duplicate of
And we still can't see or edit the globe of a coordinates-type statement directly in Wikidata :(

@Zolo: Keep in mind that all numbers of tasks were shifted by 2000, so the current task is T56097.