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ParserTests: incrementally rewrite-blacklist when used with --filter option
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when --filter and --rewrite-blacklist is used together, rewrite deletes entries for all other tests. Fix parser tests script to make them play well together.

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ssastry created this task.Jul 16 2013, 4:43 PM

The easiest thing would be for --rewrite-blacklist to fail with an error if --filter was specified.

But you want something different, it seems? To keep all the existing blacklist entries which don't match the filter, and just rewrite the filtered ones?

The former would be good, and the latter would be better. It can even be two different tasks.

Change 73984 had a related patch set uploaded by Cscott:
Sanity check --rewrite-blacklist: don't allow simultaneous --filter.

Change 73984 merged by jenkins-bot:
Sanity check --rewrite-blacklist: don't allow simultaneous --filter.

Retitling the bug to accomodate the second half of subbu's feature request.

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