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Setup monitoring for Beta Cluster (tracking)
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Setup (more) monitoring of Beta Cluster and expose it through ganglia/icinga/etc. Similar monitoring as to what is of production, just not set to page all of Ops when it breaks (yet! ;) ).



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A breakdown of the useful monitoring systems:


The puppet manifests already define Icinga checks for a lot of service, that is done via the global define monitor_service. As an example, Varnish instances are blessed with:

monitor_service { "varnish http ${title}":
    description => "Varnish HTTP ${title}",
    check_command => "check_http_generic!varnishcheck!${port}"


Which adds the monitoring on

We could get ops involved in setting up the labs instance for beta and do the configuration hack that would prevent paging but drop emails|messages instead.


All labs instances are automatically added in a Ganglia instance:

That seems to cover our needs.


That would be very nice to have, specially the profiling bits. That project does not have any documentation beside the puppet manifests though. Probably lower priority compared to Icinga.

The way it is done in puppet is by collecting resources which is disabled on labs for security reasons.

Does not block Bug 49459 - continuous integration monitoring (tracking)

scott.leea wrote:

If this is still an issue can I work on it? If so, please provide any additional details I can to get started.

I chatted yesterday with Yuvi a bit about monitoring and its challenges, and he reminded me that the main problem with applying the prod setup to Labs is that roots can fake Puppet facts by altering facter and thus control to some degree the exported resources (which in themselves are harmless as their template is reviewed by ops in operations/puppet). So the monitoring in Labs would require all monitoring resources to be audited with the assumption that all host data is hostile. Still, I don't like to let go of a working configuration that is tested every day :-).

So two things that crossed my mind this morning:

a) For root at Tools, I had to sign a contract where WMF promises to sue my ass off if I should do something funny. If we could limit the collection of monitoring resources to hosts in Labs projects with roots that are legally bound in a similar way (Tools, Beta, projects by WMF employees, etc.), we could assume that no hostile data is injected. That would solve the problem for the Beta cluster (and Tools ...), but not for all hosts Labs.

b) What is the worst thing that a bright hacker could achieve by being root on a Labs project, carefully faking facts and bringing Labs's Icinga or Ganglia under their control if the latter are hosts in a Labs project themselves? Nothing. He would have started as root in a Labs project and ended as one as well. All the data in Icinga and Ganglia is public.

There's now alerts for the following things for betalabs:

  • Low space on /var
  • Low space on /
  • Puppet staleness (warn at 1h, crit at 12h)
  • Puppet failure events

Note that puppet failure events is different from puppet failing - failure events means puppet did run, but some events failed. There's no detection for puppet itself failing completely.

You can see those at

Thank you Yuvi for the monitoring! Do we have a way to tweak the body of email notifications? I find them hard to read :-D

@hashar We can tweak the body, indeed. Let me know what you would like :)

These are in now. Further things to be monitored should be filed as subtasks of this.

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Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-releng) [2016-09-20T13:07:33Z] <godog> add deployment-prometheus01 instance T53497

Setup (more) monitoring of Beta Cluster and expose it through ganglia/icinga/etc. Similar monitoring as to what is of production, just not set to page all of Ops when it breaks (yet! ;) )

Is this about adding beta cluster to the _production_ Icinga or to have a separate Beta Icinga in a Cloud VPS?

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Reflecting reality of team resourcing.