Visual Editor: Adding text after a link includes that text in the link
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If you place the cursor after the last character of a link and start typing then your text becomes part of the displayed text for that link: [[Fish]] → [[Fish|Fish and chips]] rather than the inte.nded [[Fish]] and chips or [[Fish and chips]] which would be expected from a WYSIWYG editor (even if it isn't what is wanted).

There is no way to edit part of a link at all, the only way around it is to unlink the whole phrase and relink the part you want linked.

This is not usually a problem, as you can work around by starting from after the space after the link.

However, this is counter intuitive if you want to add punctuation after the link (add it after the space, delete the space, add space after the punctuation). It also means it is impossible to add unlinked text when the link ends the line, as happens often on disambiguation pages. For example try adding context to the links at Mandi#People. Apparently a workaround is to insert a line break, add the text and then delete the line break. I've not tested this myself though

It is possible this is the same as bug 50945 but I don't think it is.

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bzimport set Reference to bz51531.

JohnCD67 wrote:

This is quite a serious problem because a user who tries to set up a link at the right hand end of a line, i.e. without having first typed at least one space beyond it, becomes trapped in a mode where all further typing goes inside the link, and there is no easy way out. I think this is what is causing peculiar links, e.g. a link to "Chendo" piped to "Chendo, " and one to "Manolo Sanchís" piped to "Manolo Sanchís and ". See report at

[[:en:WP:VisualEditor/Feedback#You have to type something after a word before attempting to wikilink it]]

This is actually the same as bug 51463 which we just fixed and are deploying now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 51463 ***

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