VisualEditor: <nowiki> tags added to all markup in paragraph, including pre-existing
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At!_characters&curid=2082680&diff=564675517&oldid=564302759 a user added a link using wikitext. The VisualEditor added <nowiki> tags around it (correct according to apparent design, incorrect according to desired behaviour).

However, it also added <nowiki> tags around every other bit of pre-existing markup in the paragraph. This is incorrect according to my understanding of the design because even if they did want to include a literal string surrounded by square brackets they did not want to alter the existing markup.

Bug 5069 comment 5 suggests to me that this isn't that bug but a different one, but not what number that other bug is.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal


bzimport set Reference to bz51554.

Sorry, typo in that last line. It should refer to Bug 50569 comment 5

Really sorry, but I meant Bug 50659 comment 5
Dyslexia + typos to blame so entirely my fault.

This seems to have been fixed (I now can't reproduce) in the re-write of nowiki-ing code; sorry for the bug.

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