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Visual Editor: Make template parameter names editable
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An en.wp [[user:3family6]] comments about [[Template:Album ratings]]:
"This is an instance where the transclusion option on VE, while it does work, is more inconvenient than just wiki-markup. In wikimarkup, if you want to insert a new review into the middle of the template, i.e. between reviews 3 and 4 (rev3 and rev4), you just change rev4 to rev5 (and rev5 to 6 and so on), then insert the new score. With VE, you have to add a new rev parameter to the bottom, and move the content of ALL of the parameters affected through copy-paste. This is much more time consuming than editing the wikitext."

For context reviews are listed in alphabetical order, initially the template could be something like:
rev1 = A Magazine
rev1Score = 4/5
rev2 = CTV
rev2Score = 1/5
rev3 = FooMusic
rev3Score = 5/5
rev4 = ZedNews
rev4Score = 6/10

The album then gets rereleased and reviewed by BetaMag. This needs to be added at the second review, in source editing it's just a matter of changing 6 characters (4→5,3→4, etc). In VE you have to create a new rev5 and rev5 parameter, then cut and paste the values from each of rev2 - rev4 and rev2Score - rev4Score to their new locations then add the new data.

One better way to handle this would be to allow the renaming of parameters. Either in the "options" section or by right clicking on the parameter name.

This is likely to affect other templates too.

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