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configure beta labs for SUL2
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With SUL2[1], after account creation you should be silently redirected back to the page you were on when you click Create account in the top right nav. . So newly signed-up users don't see the GettingStarted "Welcome" page until E3 does some work.

Shortly after CentralAuth and the config changes (InitialiseSettings.php 'wmgCentralAuthSilentLogin' defaults to true, probably others) were deployed to the cluster, I created an account on en-beta and this didn't happen: I wound up on Special:GettingStarted. So perhaps some additional configuration needs to happen on the beta cluster; chrismcmahon suggested I file a bug.


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I have zero clue how that feature works. The only thing I can tell is that the setting is properly enabled on beta:

hashar@deployment-bastion:~$ mwscript eval.php --wiki=enwiki
return $wmgCentralAuthSilentLogin

return $wmgCentralAuthSilentLogin


Do you have any hint?

It's 3 config flags, so it's pretty easy to setup.

$wgCentralAuthLoginWiki = 'loginwiki';
$wgCentralAuthSilentLogin = true;
$wgCentralAuthUseOldAutoLogin = false;

I meant to add a loginwiki to beta, but hadn't had the time to get that working yet, so I think that's the first step.

Change 74670 had a related patch set uploaded by Hashar:
beta: creates loginwiki project

Change 74670 merged by jenkins-bot:
beta: creates loginwiki project

I have started writing a bit of documentation at:

The wiki creation fails for multiple reasons though. Will create additional bugs.

The loginwiki has been created. I will let someone else handle the operations/mediawiki-config configuration since I have no clue how to verify it is properly working.

Seems the change mentioned by Chris in Comment #2 would be enough to enable it on beta.

I think you also need

$wgCentralAuthCookies = true;

(the default in mediawiki-config/wmf-config/CommonSettings.php) otherwise CentralAuth's onUserLoginComplete() hook does nothing.

You also have to create the centralauth database with its tables, and I think migrate account information to it.

I've done both on my local wiki and still onUserLoginComplete() fails to get the centralUser and never arrives at self::doCentralLoginRedirect().

Can someone update Extension:CentralAuth instructions?

Seems to be important.

Change 81148 had a related patch set uploaded by CSteipp:
Enable SUL2 in beta

Change 81148 abandoned by Hashar:
Enable SUL2 in beta

I am abandoning this change to reduce Gerrit dashboards noise, feel free to reopen/merge to have the function enabled.

It is not yet on beta:

hashar@deployment-bastion:~$ mwscript eval.php --wiki=enwiki
> return $wmgCentralAuthLoginWiki
> return $wgCentralAuthLoginWiki;

I just checked the config, and tested in beta, and can confirm that is being used as the central login wiki.