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No hooks for uploads
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Author: bugzilla-wikimedia-org

I've created an extension to automatically create a redirect in the main namespace whenever a
category is created, to make it easier to find and link to them. I want to do the same for files,
but there are no hooks called, as far as I can tell, when uploading files.

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Severity: enhancement



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The page creation hook is called on upload.

bugzilla-wikimedia-org wrote:

I can't see anything about page creation here:

Can you point me in the right direction?

bugzilla-wikimedia-org wrote:

I searched the files SpecialUpload.php, Article.php and Title.php and found nothing, then output every hook
called on upload to a file and found nothing useful.

Michael.Keppler wrote:

There is a hook called UploadVerification in SpecialUpload (CVS only).

robchur wrote:

There is now an UploadComplete hook in SVN trunk, r13623; backported to 1.6 and
1.5 branches.