Visual Editor: Images which are not thumbnails cannot be edited
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User Evad37 on the English Wikipedia reports:
"Images which are not thumbnails can't be edited properly using VE. If there is a single image, it can be selected, but the resize handles don't appear and the media icon doesn't appear. Moving the image around works and deleting the image works. When there are two images like this, the mouse pointer turns into a "forbidden" symbol (the mirror image of ∅), with the tooltip "Sorry, this element can only be edited in source mode for now.", and semi-tansparent shading covers both images. The images can't be moved, and can only be deleted as pair - you can't delete only one image. I am using Chrome (v. 28) on Windows 7, and was playing around with VE on List of freeways in Victoria, Australia."

I was able to reproduce this using Firefox 22 on Xubuntu Linux, so seems browser and OS independent.

I presume that the issue they note with regards multiple images is that VE is treating them as a gallery, which it doesn't yet support. This might therefore depend on Bug 43037

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal


bzimport set Reference to bz51615.

Another user comments that this behaviour might have been introduced by the fix to Bug 50645.

The multiple image issue mentioned might also be related to bug 48900. I have seen multiple reports of seemingly identical issues merged into that one as duplicates.

This is a Parsoid issue with the images being wrongly marked as "mw:Placeholder" (rather than normal images) because of an API wobble, which is the oddly-named bug 48900. (Note for example that this works fine with an older revision like etc.) Merging with that.

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 48900 ***

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