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Add loginwiki to beta
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To have beta's login fully mimic productions, we should setup a loginwiki equivalent in beta.

To make it similar to production, the wiki should only us https, and have most features and extensions disabled. However, the only thing required for SUL2 is that we have a central wiki designated as the one keeping track of all logins. So if it's too much work, it's probably not worth the effort right now.

Realistically, I probably don't have the time to figure this out on my own in the next couple of weeks, but if I can get some help on it, I think we should be able to set this up pretty quickly.

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csteipp created this task.Jul 18 2013, 4:40 PM

If you create the 'loginwiki' on beta, I guess it will inherits all the production settings and be almost ready for use :-]

Also, after talking with Ryan and Krenair, we'll probably just start with it being available on http until we figure out how to have valid ssl certs in beta. Otherwise, I've noticed that at least Chrome will fail to follow a 302 if the target has an invalid cert, so it would likely break logins.

The SSL cert request is already tracked by bug 48501. No activity since May 15th 20th though.

Change 75080 had a related patch set uploaded by Hashar:
beta: set $wg.*Server for loginwiki

Change 75080 merged by jenkins-bot:
beta: set $wg.*Server for loginwiki