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Use of word "all" is confusing in watchlist design
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On the watchlist A-Z view the header says "All" - however this doesn't show all my watched articles - it just shows ones in the main namespace. If you click modified there are 4 tabs at the top of the page one of which is 'all' - however this label means all namespaces.

This confused Ryan (Kaldari) and is likely to confuse other power users.

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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Low.Nov 22 2014, 1:47 AM
bzimport set Reference to bz51639.

Can we just use the word 'List' ?

Also wondering if "A-Z" can be translated... Amir/Siebrand?

If it has to be something like "a-z", it can be an optional message.

Maybe it can be "all articles" in the articles view.

It seems changing from the word "All" to "List" is probably the least controversial.

Change 80319 had a related patch set uploaded by Jdlrobson:
Bug 51639: Rephrase from 'All' to 'List'

This has been a turnoff from mobile for me... there should be an all option that really shows all...

Change 80319 merged by jenkins-bot:
Bug 51639: Rephrase from 'All' to 'List'

Technical13 the code is all there it just needs a UI feel free to feature request it on bugzilla. Maybe the tabs from the modified view could also appear on the list view?

This bug is now fixed.