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Special:Nearby should allow right-click without loading target
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Author: KilliondudeWP

Current behavior on Special:Nearby is to load the target page no matter if you right- or left-click on the target. This affects both mobile and desktop browsers. Use-cases would be if you wanted to open in a new tab while keeping the nearby list open.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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I just tried this on mobile and it works fine

What browser are you using? Are you using beta or stable mode of the site?

KilliondudeWP wrote:

Both URLs do the same on mobile (using stock android browser and latest Chrome which I believe just skins the stock app) and desktop Chrome and FF22.

The right-click works, but loads target in background when it shouldn't.

OK this seems to be on a desktop browser but does not effect a mobile browser. Thanks for clarifying. I believe this is due to the preview mode in the beta of this site.

KilliondudeWP wrote:

Jon, this is *indeed* on a mobile browser as well. I have a Galaxy s4 running android version 4.2.2.

Change 78348 had a related patch set uploaded by Jdlrobson:
Bug 51647: Allow right clicking on nearby

Change 78348 merged by jenkins-bot:
Bug 51647: Allow right clicking on nearby

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What about middle click and CTRL+click?

What exactly is your experience when you middle click or ctrl click? These seem to work fine for me now.. are you on mobile or desktop? If on mobile which version of the site are you running - beta, alpha or stable?

I'm using Google Chrome 29.0.1547.57 under Linux Mint, and when I try to open a link in a new tab using the middle button or CTRL+click, I get the target page loaded both in the current tab (Special:Nearby) and in a new tab. I don't want it to change the current page. I tested on English Wikipedia:

Weird it seems to only effect the desktop site and on middle click - not entirely sure why. I've opened a new bug to report this (bug 53188).