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VisualEditor: Rich content copied from sub-documents (image captions, references, etc.) down-cast to plain text when the sub-document is closed
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Author: lunarjam.mcgahan

Wikipedia VE bug Reference with no parameter tags not editable in Chrome on Win7

See attached Word document Wikipedia VE bug Reference with no parameter tags not editable in Chrome on Win7

Version: unspecified
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The contents of the attached Word document, to the extent that LibreOffice will display them, seem to be:

The source code is as follows:
<ref>[ "History of the Vardo (Gypsy Caravan)"], ValleyStream Media, 2009</ref>

Was there a screenshot that you meant to include? Could you give us a link to the article? Could you explain the problem in more detail?

That ref is only on one page, in English and Thai"History of the Vardo"

And I was able to do a basic edit to that ref on Chrome Version 28.0.1500.72 m/Windows 7 Enterprise SP1, in Vector and Monobook

There must be something more specific needed to reproduce this.

lunarjam.mcgahan wrote:

Further information

See attachment Bug 51725 further explanation


This is similar to bug 33105 and bug 41193, but this bug is more specific as it is within the same window.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a reference with '[ example], publisher, year'
  2. Open dialog for reference created in step 1
  3. Copy the richtext reference and close the dialog
  4. Insert reference anywhere, and paste the clipboard

Plain text paste 'example, publisher, year'

Expected results:
Richtext paste '[ example], publisher, year'

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Today it seems to work well. (Firefox 42)
Or I have not undestood.

matmarex subscribed.

Indeed, this seems to no longer be a problem (testing the reproduction steps by @jayvdb). Rich text is correctly pasted.