VisualEditor: Transclusion editor template search should additionally find in-string matches
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Split from bug 51436, Original comment was:
"Also typing a word only shows template names starting with that word, not
containing it, which is a weird search behaviour.

If I type "book", template "Cite book" is not shown, which limits the search
functionality to be useful only for people who already know template names
(i.e. those who don't need it)."

A further relevant comment was:
"This is asking for VisualEditor ... to use an entirely different (and slower) part of MediaWiki's search infrastructure so we can do in-string searching rather than left-string completion."

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Severity: enhancement
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bzimport set Reference to bz51822.

crypticc62 wrote:

Even if in-string searching is used instead of left-string completion, there is still the problem of templates whose names are completely unsearchable, such as {{rp}} and pretty much everything in [[Category:Typing-aid templates]].

What would be very useful is a TemplateData field in which editors can list relevant keywords that users might search for. Perhaps it could be called "keywords" or "tags". Without something like this, it's not clear to me how new users would ever find the templates they're looking for.