Removing a heading is hard, leaving ==<nowiki/>== or turning the next paragraph into a heading
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  1. Visit any page on Wikipedia today.
  2. Click "Edit" to enter VisualEditor.
  3. Find a section heading and highlight it.
  4. Press the DEL key on your keyboard to delete it.
  5. Click "Save Page" then "Review your changes."

The heading text has been removed, but the following wikitext has been left in its place.


Cancel the save, go back to the empty heading, and place your cursor in it. Press DEL in an attempt to delete the empty heading. As a result, the entire paragraph below the old heading turns into a heading.

So how on earth do you delete a heading? I canceled my edit, re-edited, and this time, I highlighted the heading AND the first line of the paragraph beneath it, and pressed DEL. Regardless, the whole paragraph turned into a heading again.

I finally managed to delete a heading by placing the cursor at the end of the preceding paragraph (after the last character of the paragraph) and dragging all the way to the end of the heading, then pressing DEL. Now, the heading was gone and nothing else turned into a heading.

In short, you must delete some kind of invisible character on the LINE ABOVE the heading, in order to delete the heading. This is not expected behavior.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal


  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 50100 ***

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