VisualEditor: DEFAULTSORT suggestions should use/not use diacritics on based on wiki policy
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English Wikipedia user PamD comments:
"Editing [[Pikku-Vesijärvi]] I noticed that VE's suggested DEFAULTSORT was exactly the title. VE should be set to drop the diacriticals when suggesting DEFAULTSORT - should have been "Pikku-Vesijarvi" with a plain "a"."

Looking at some other wikis it seems some do use diacritics in DEFAULTSORT (at least the Czech and Estonian ones do at [[cs:Édith Piaf]] and [[et:Édith Piaf]) so this seems like something that should be configurable based on each wiki's policy.

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bzimport set Reference to bz51907.

VisualEditor is not "suggesting" a default page sort - the placeholder text informs the user what the page is currently sorted as (i.e., the page's name).

Marking as INVALID.

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