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Jenkins should flag usage of deprecated features
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Jenkins should set $wgDevelopmentWarnings = true, and keep a count of E_USER_DEPRECATED errors in the PHP error log that are generated by the test suite. If a patch causes that number to go up, Jenkins should -1 it.

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: enhancement



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Adding $wgDevelopmentWarnings = true was bug bug 38882, it was no more applied until I refactor the way we inject MediaWiki settings in build ( ).

Long story short, the setting is enabled since roughly Oct 15 2013.

I am not sure whether a E_USER_DEPRECATED warning would throw an exception though. Might want to write a test case and see what happens.

hashar claimed this task.

We have $wgDevelopmentWarnings enabled since 2012: T40882

Deprecations are considered failures and do break tests.

So I think we are covered :)