VisualEditor: CSS munging causing absolutely-positioned chess diagrams(?) to break
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A very common chess template on many Wikipedias recommends using '|=' , and most instances of chess boards use this syntax

On German Wikipedia, editing the template strips the '=' signs. This article is on the parsoid topfails

There are 900 uses of these chess templates on German Wikipedia.
A few more of

The syntax is used on many other WPs, incl. eswp, frwp, plwp and ruwp

On English, the VE UI can go into massive layout problems, but the UI issues may all be due to the Parsoid issue.
The number of uses on enwp appears to be in the same ballpark as dewp

Version: unspecified
Severity: minor
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An alternative 'pretty' syntax that doesnt cause breakages is:

The html comments are visible in the parameters of the template dialog, but it stops the dirty diffs if this |= syntax is not desirable.

Hmm .. strange. When I copied both forms of the syntax into a file and parse it with Parsoid, the html renders just fine. Curious why it breaks in VE however.

Verifiable here:

Paste this there and scroll down past the literal html and you'll see this rendered correctly there.

{{Infobox chess opening

openingname = French Defence
image = {{Chess diagram=


moves=1.e4 e6
birth =
nameorigin = London vs. Paris correspondence match (1834–36)
parentopening = [[King's Pawn Game]]


Moving to visual editor in case there is something about the Parsoid output that is causing broken layout in the "|=" form of chess-board syntax. Please assign to Parsoid if there is a bug here in our output.

There are no screenshots here to show how it used to be broken, but it seems to behave correctly now.

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