VisualEditor: Firefox allows cursor to get into illegal position around wide objects (<gallery>, <references>, etc), leading to corruption, and prevents down arrow button navigation
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  2. Put the cursor after the first ':'
  3. Press the down arrow - cursor should now be far right of window, beside the gallery
  4. Type 'a'
  5. Press Control-Z

Results vary.

  1. Sometimes two characters will appear: 'A' <new line> 'a', and 'Save page' is enabled. Control-Z removes only one of them, and the 'Save page' button returns to disabled, with one added character still on the screen.
  1. Sometimes a pawn appears.
  1. Sometimes only one character appears, and the 'Save page' button remains disabled.

On the gallery at the bottom of , option (3) happens most often.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
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jayvdb created this task.Jul 24 2013, 11:09 AM

Reliable snowmen

  2. Place the cursor above the image (which is inside a template)
  3. press down so that the cursor is beside the image/template
  4. press 'a'

Win: snowman + 'a'

Confirmed bug in Firefox. Specifically:

(In reply to comment #0)

  2. Put the cursor after the first ':'
  3. Press the down arrow - cursor should now be far right of window, beside the gallery

No, it really shouldn't - it should be in the next heading ("Anzahl Bilder pro Reihe: perrow=2"). See the behaviour in Chrome/Safari for reference. This is a bug specific to Firefox AFAICT.

In addition to <gallery>, and corruption, a less significant problem is that the down cursor becomes stuck at any block that consumes the entire page with (such as the references block or navbars); pressing the down arrow on the keyboard does not move the cursor to the next item underneath the block.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Load any page in VE with a references block and something underneath it. e.g.

    or a similar block like in this article
  1. Repeat pressing down key to reach the bottom of the article

Expected results:
Down key continues to step down through the article until it reaches the bottom.

Actual results:
Down key works until the references block. It becomes stuck on the right hand side of the block.

Im adding this here as it appears to be the exact same underlying problem, as typing when the cursor is on the right-hand side of other wide objects, such as references, also produces unexpected results.

I believe that this is now fixed, after the Firefox CE re-write, though I could be wrong – please re-open if so.

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