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Basic tour for 'own work' UploadWizard upload
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This will allow tours of the UploadWizard, which Mono has expressed an interest in.

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The dependency was backward. Also, given the new in-progress API (which puts more responsibility on the tour to say what it needs to listen to), I'm repurposing this as a bug for a basic tour itself. (It is possible to do more than one, e.g. one for multiple uploads, and another for PD government, etc., but this just covers "own work" as an initial demonstration).

Hey Matt,

Thanks so much for paving the way for an Upload Wizard guided tour, much appreciated!

I have added this ticket on Mingle to track this task:

#722 Guided Tours for Upload Wizard

We are also starting work on this FAQ, so these two related tasks could be done at about the same time, in our next cycle (July-Aug):

#625 Upload Wizard FAQ link

Thanks again, and to be continued … :)

Being tracked by the multimedia team, and I recommend it go in the UploadWizard repository, so moving bug.

MarkTraceur lowered the priority of this task from Medium to Low.Dec 3 2015, 5:49 PM

UploadWizard is the poster child for low priority bugs

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