Can't edit reference inside of [[File: ...]]
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Author: kwwilliams

Description: is about as simple of a testcase as I could develop. Given this structure:

[[File:Red Wine Glass.jpg|thumb|upright|A "large" (250&nbsp;ml) glass of 12%&nbsp;ABV red wine has about three units of alcohol. A "medium" (175&nbsp;ml) glass, such as the one shown, has about two units.<ref> Even though the sizes of wine glasses are defined in UK law, the terms "large", "medium", "standard" etc are not defined in law.</ref>]]

There's no way to edit the reference.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal


bzimport set Reference to bz51992.
bzimport created this task.Jul 24 2013, 9:27 PM

kwwilliams wrote:

Simpler illustration, still in

I don't think it's possible to edit that pesky footnote.
[[File:Red Wine Glass.jpg|thumb|upright|description<ref>pesky footnote</ref>]]


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