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VisualEditor: Saving fails silently for some blocked users
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A user on en.wp has reported the following:

"Editing anonymously from my school computers is blocked, and for fun I tried editing a page using VE. It lets me edit the page fully, ''until'' I try to click the save page button. No matter how many times I click it it doesn't save, but there's no notification telling me why it doesn't save. A bit weird really"

I blocked my legitimate alternate user and then tried to edit a page. The editor loaded fine but when I clicked to save the edit I saw the message:
"Error loading data from server: Unsuccessful request: You have been blocked from editing."

I am on a shared connection so I do not want to do any testing of ipblocks, etc.

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The original reporter, numbermaniac, has done some additional testing and found that they do see the message when pressing save in Chrome on Windows 7. Their initial report was using iMac Safari.

My testing was done using Firefox 22 on Xubuntu Linux

This was fixed in the fix for bug 52004.