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Properly deprecate UnknownAction hook
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r86041 deprecated the UnknownAction hook with a comment in Action.php.

There is no mention of the deprecation in Wiki.php which is the first place that I think most people would look for the deprecation notice.

Also the hook run code does not issue a deprecation warning, it's not marked deprecated in doc/hooks.txt, sample code still uses it, ...

Extensions still using this hook (as of 2017-01-01): (No WMF-deployed extensions)

  • AccessControl
  • ApprovedRevs
  • AuthorProtect
  • BlueSpiceExtensions/Blog
  • Cargo
  • examples/ContentAction (this one needs addressing)
  • Favorites
  • ImageTagging
  • PageSchemas
  • PdfBook
  • Push
  • SemanticPageMaker
  • WikiArticleFeeds
  • Wikilog

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mails2vichu wrote:

Can you please give me a brief about how to fix this.Im new to this and I would Like to work on this Sir.

Vishnu Nk: If I was you I'd look for other deprecated stuff in the codebase and how it is marked as deprecated.

ankur24september wrote:

Commented accordingly


(In reply to Ankur from comment #3)

Created attachment 14349 [details]
Commented accordingly

Are you going to commit it?


The comment does not clearly mention *what* is deprecated, "update with" is unclear in the patch summary, there is a typo ("depreceted"), and the patch should go into Gerrit:

Change 122098 had a related patch set uploaded by Rahul mishra:
UnknownAction hook not mentioned as deprecated in Wiki.php

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It looks like this hook was not properly deprecated. I think the procedure to deprecate a hook is something like:

  • Document UnknownAction as "DEPRECATED" in docs/hooks.txt, explain "To add an action in an extension, create a subclass of Action, and add a new key to $wgActions".
  • In includes/MediaWiki.php, pass 1.19 as the $deprecatedVersion parameter in its invocation of Hooks::run( 'UnknownAction', ... ) and add a comment "// NOTE: deprecated hook. Add to $wgActions instead".
  • Fix the sample code extensions/examples/ContentAction/ContentAction.php to not use this hook (!).
  • document UnknownAction hook is obsolete in Manual:Hooks/UnknownAction
  • Add "Note this hook is obsolete since MediaWiki 1.19 to Category:UnknownAction_extensions page.
  • In Manual:Hooks tables indicate that this hook and others are obsolete since MW1.xx.

This is all straightforward stuff for a professional, but it's not trivial.
(I added this checklist "How to deprecate a hook" section to Deprecation , update that if I got this wrong.)

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Change 330138 had a related patch set uploaded (by Filip):
Fully deprecate 'ContentAction' hook

Change 330168 had a related patch set uploaded (by Filip):
Removed deprecated 'UnknownAction' hook usage

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@Spage @TTO Completed this list, 2 patches need review, added note to wiki.

Change 330138 merged by jenkins-bot:
Fully deprecate 'ContentAction' hook

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And merged, marking as resolved.

Change 330168 merged by jenkins-bot:
Removed deprecated 'UnknownAction' hook usage