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Mobile login not compatible with OpenID
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OpenID adds a link to the header for logging in with OpenID. MobileFrontend does not support this.

Maybe it's possible to add support for this in OpenID, rather than MobileFrontend.

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Andre / Quim - although a little hard this might be a fun task for Google Code in 2013? Thoughts?

The basic measurement is still: would a task like this take 2-3 hours of work from an experienced contributor like you?

There should be also a plan declared to fix this problem, for instance whether the fix should be in OpenID or MobileFrontend.

The header elements are given in data array as 'header', so the easiest way is, to create a new div, ahead of username and password and add the content of header. I think, for consistency, this is still wanted? :)

Example with Googlelogin and Facebookloginbutton in attachement :)

Created attachment 15712
Example with google and facebookloginbutton


Ah, sorry, now i see the problem :) Not a header in logging in page, the link after "Login" in personal tools. Isn't this more a duplicate of:
? Because mobile frontend uses no personal tool urls in this way like desktop.

Change 142874 had a related patch set uploaded by Florianschmidtwelzow:
Allow extensions to add Content as header on mobile login page

Added this bug as reference, because the ps comes as an "idea" from here :)

Change 142874 abandoned by Florianschmidtwelzow:
Allow extensions to add Content as header on mobile login page

better would be working on moving away from "own" login page (which would have this "feature" already).

This should be working in alpha now. If it's not we will need to tweak the MediaWiki-extensions-OpenID; extension. Is anyone able to test this? I'm happy to help.

Change 231146 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jdlrobson):
Use core login form

^ this change will not solve the task, iirc? The OpenID extension adds a new link to the personal tools, right? The personal tools will not show with this change. Maybe someone, who is more familar with the extension, can clarify if this change will help? :)

I'm not sure, if the merged change will solve this task, but it would open the way for OpenID (and probably other extensions) to add links/fields to the login page instaed (or in addition) to personal tools.

Change 231146 merged by jenkins-bot:
Use core login form