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remove token logging, or change to sessionId cookie
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When Campaign logs a ServerSideAccountCreation event, it still logs the '' cookie as the token field.

As says, client-side code no longer sets this long-lived cookie since T46327: mediawiki.user: Anonymous users should not be identifiable cross sessions was fixed in May 2013. Instead if is called it sets a 'mediaWiki.user.sessionId' cookie.

Depending on need and privacy policy, Campaign could be changed to not log token, or to log the new 'mediaWiki.user.sessionId' cookie. FYI account creation does not currently set either cookie; the current callers of are AFT, AFTv5, and UniversalLanguageSelector.

Many events still have a non-blank token (30% of all enwiki and dewiki account creations). Apparently people are creating accounts in browsers that set this cookie months ago.

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