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VisualEditor: Provide buttons for locally-configured frequent edit summary contents
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Wikipedias in some languages, among them Polish, Russian, Ukrainian and Hebrew, have a gadget that shows a list of frequent edit summaries near the edit summary field in source editing mode.

Here are the source samples:


Many users in the Hebrew Wikipedia complained about the lack of this gadget in the VisualEditor. This could be an enhancement request, but given that for several languages it's an integral part of the editing interface for these languages, it's a regression for them.

Adding this as a feature should be very easy, given that it's quite simple and the existing gadgets' code can be reused. Localization and customization for every project can be done on a MediaWiki page with a list of summaries for that project.

See Also:
T50274: VisualEditor: For edit summary field, give users an auto-fill drop-down (or similar) of recent edit summaries they've used



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I'm reminded of bug 48274.

(In reply to comment #1)

I'm reminded of bug 48274.

It's somewhat related, but definitely not the same. What I'm talking about are very frequent summaries in a project. Every project community decides what it needs, but usually it's common generic stuff like "spelling", "adding links", "wikification", "removing unreferenced content", "copyediting" etc.

Both of the gadgets linked have been extended to also work with VisualEditor, by the way.

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Yes, and FWIW, the he.wikipedia veteran editors welcomed this change, done by @eranroz (thanks, Eran).

It's available in the mobile apps in all languages, and I wonder - can @Deskana provide any info about whether the mobile editors use it and like it? And what do the recent changes patrolers in different languages think about it?

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The relevant gadgets currently seem to support VE (And so does the english wikipedia version of this gadget). Do we keep this open as a core VE improvement ?

I'd think that considering the experiences with iOS mobile App canned edit summaries some thorough UX analysis and creative thinking would have to go into this to make such a thing useful for both inexperienced and seasoned editors honestly.

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Task was to update gadgets which is done. Please re-file if you think this functionality needs to be upstreamed.

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