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Clarify or improve several configuration settings messages
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Several issues with the current messages in the Configure extension has been reported on and more have been found on closer inspection:

The extension mostly pulled the settings summaries from the wiki, with some adaptations, and this is enough of a task; Matma Rex produced a script to compare wiki and extension and align them, but it seems that can't be done automatically, so the patch was abandoned.

Someone else may want to follow another approach, but as translating these messages is a lot of work (dozens thousands translations across all languages) in a way or another they have to be improved, or if there is no clear future for this extension it should be removed from translation.

(Personally I'd work on this if T45380 was fixed because then the translations would become very valuable, but maybe someone still cares about the extension too.)

Version: master
Severity: normal
See Also:
T45380: Bring settings translations on dummy install of Configure extension



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