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Search should pay more attention to the number of results
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Author: justin-mediazilla

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If I search for some word, above the results (and below) are text/links to view
the previous 20, the next 20, and for setting the per-page results to
20/50/100/250/500. That's useful for big searches, but for small searches it's
just clutter. Basically, when all the available results are shown these links
are useless.

For example, a search for "foobar" on the wiki
currently returns 3 results. There's no reason to include the "previous 20" text
(on the first page?!), or the "next 20" link (there's only 3 total!).

I also don't really see any point in offering a results-per-page value greater
than the number of results. If the search returns 30 results, only the "20" and
"50" options would be useful. In fact, just labeling the maximum value as "All"
would seem a bit clearer. [unless this is sticky, in which case it would need to
be a specific number]

Version: 1.5.x
Severity: normal



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Fixed in r21866.

NOTE: Mysqlsearch do not give us the number of total results, so we are not really sure if the show results are really the last ones. That should be enough though.

I find disabling the 20 | 50 | 100 .... links would be disturbing, I have
not disabled them.