VisualEditor: Make beta notice more prominent
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The current beta notice for VisualEditor is currently easy to miss. While it uses a circled "?" and the text "BETA", it can blend in with the rest of the VisualEditor editing interface pretty easily (I only really noticed that there was any kind of warning today).

The notice that VisualEditor is beta software should be made more prominent.

James has suggested showing a more prominent notice for first-time VisualEditor users (presumably based on a cookie).

My preference is to make the notice dismissable (using a hidden user preference).

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MZMcBride created this task.Aug 1 2013, 3:48 AM

We've now made a modal dialog pop up warning the user about the beta status of VisualEditor, and labelled VisualEditor as "beta" on its edit tab (and the edit section links that launch it).

I'm going to presumptively (;-)) mark this as "fixed", but please re-open if you think we should do more.

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