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Stray bullet points around template and strange editing around them
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Screenshot: 2 extra bullet points & template content edited

Browser: Firefox 24

When editing this page[1] on sv-wp two weird things happen:

  1. The bullet point on the bottom of the page duplicates into three bullet points

I expect it to show one bullet point, like when viewing the article.

  1. I can edit the text of the template used in the list[2], though when I check the diff, it hasn't detected that I edited the template text

I expect the text of the template to show a blue background when clicking on it and *not* be editable.


Version: unspecified
Severity: normal




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Skalman created this task.Aug 1 2013, 8:22 AM

This is probably a ContentEditable problem.

And further weirdness:

When I add the text 'ABC' to the first of the now three bullet points I get the following wikitext:

  • {{IMDb-titel|id=0105928}}ABC
  • ''[ackorna''' (originaltitel ''2 Stupid Byrackorna]'' på [[Internet Movie Database]] <span style="font-size:.95em;font-weight:bold;color:#555;">(engelska)</span>


Reproduced in Chrome 28 and Opera 12.16.

I believe I found the root cause - demonstrated by a minimal test case:

Wikitext of template:

  • {{{1}}}

Wikitext of page:

  • {{template|Hello there}}

Expected output (the way the traditional parser handles it):

  • Hello there

Note that a naive wikitext template expander would produce:

  • * Hello there

To me, this now seems to be a problem with the data model.

FWIW, even Special:ExpandTemplates seems to be affected by this bug!

This is a duplicate of a Parsoid bug that has been WONTFIX'ed, I believe (but I can't find right now) - Gabriel, can you remember which one?

(In reply to comment #4)

FWIW, even Special:ExpandTemplates seems to be affected by this bug!

… which is a sign that you're abusing wikitext, and should stop trying to get this to work. :-) Special:ExpandTemplates has nothing to do with VisualEditor or Parsoid.

This is a known tidy issue, so marking as a duplicate.

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 47673 ***