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VisualEditor: Extending an existing DL-indentation renders correctly in CE, but doesn't come through on save
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Pressing enter at the end of a colon indented line and typing more text displays as an indented, but, on save, (and review changes) the colon has not been added to the new line.

Steps to reproduce:

0. Start with a simple colon indented section. (See here: )

  1. Edit with VE.
  2. Click at end of last indented line.
  3. Press Enter. Note this displays as continuing the indentation.
  4. Type some text.
  5. Save. Note that the colon is not included. (You can see it missing with Show Changes.)

My diff:

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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VE shows the new text as indented, but it isn't

I've just reproduced this in Firefox 23/Linux/Monobook. The screenshot shows how VE displayed it, the dif showing what was actually saved is:

The trailing blank lines are bug 50995, and this may be an artefact of the same bug as the displayed blank lines do not exist in the source.


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