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[SD] Inject Header and Footer
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User Story:

As a user I'd like to be able to add new pages to a category directly from the categories Special:BrowseData page. The workflow would look like this:

  1. Drilldown to see if a page exists
  2. If the page does not exist, add it e.g. through #forminput

My first idea was to inject something like a "header text" the same way
the page tile could be set:

[[Has drilldown header text::{{ #formlink:form=Person|link type=button }}]]

or better:

[[Has drilldown header text::{{ sometemplate }}]]

The text should be shown below the title as a lead text for the page.

A Category page could look like this:

[[Has filter::Filter:Start Date| ]]
[[Has filter::Filter:End Date| ]]
[[Has filter::Filter:Status| ]]
[[Has display parameters::?Start Date;?End Date;format=table| ]]
[[Has drilldown header text::{{ #formlink:form=Project|link type=button }}]]
[[Has drilldown footer text::This fancy drilldown page has been brought
to you by wikiworks]]

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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Some thoughts by Yaron discussed offline:

The 'drilldown header text' could be inserted in SD_BrowseData.php > function getPageHeader() below this line...

$header .= ' <div id="drilldown-header">' . "\n";

... right before the filter-specific messages/output is printed.

In SemanticDrilldown.php > function sdfInitProperties() add

SD_SP_HAS_DRILLDOWN_HEADER_TEXT => array( '_SD_HT', '_str' ),
SD_SP_HAS_DRILLDOWN_FOOTER_TEXT => array( '_SD_FT', '_str' ),

to array $sd_property_vals.


First Patch (footer text not yet implemented)


#formlink/#forminput could be injected in an introtemplate using the template format. With #29463 fixed, we could combine the template format with other result formats.

Removing dependency - these issues are not necessarily fixed in the same way.

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