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Deploy BayesianFilter Extension
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Author: anubhav914

Currently it just registers undo and rollback edits. I have provided a checkbox to people to mark the edit as spam.

Repo is at mediawiki/extensions/BayesianFilter
You can clone with
git clone ssh://
git clone

I wanted to collect some data so that it I can start analysis on them

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement
Whiteboard: aklapper-moreinfo



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anubhav914 wrote:

I want a sysop/admin to install it on mediawiki so I can start pulling up some data

Anybody maintaining it should create first; and request a Bugzilla component, see

Afterwards, see for which steps are required first before deploying.

However, what is the *exact* usecase? ("Analyse some data" is not an exact usecase.)
If only one (=you) out of half a billion users will use it, then this sounds like a WONTFIX to me. :)

greg added a comment.Sep 5 2013, 9:03 PM

Hello, this is a quasi-automated-but-not-really message:

I am reviewing all tracking bugs for extensions to review and deploy to WMF servers. See the list here:

The [[mw:Review queue]] page lists the steps necessary to complete the review. I have copied them below and done some initial filling out based on what I can easily gleen from this bug and any linked to sources that are obvious. If I miss something/state something false, please do correct me.

Also, if you haven't yet done so, please review the information on and linked to from:

TODO/Check list

Extension page on no
Bugzilla component: no
Extension in Gerrit: yes
Design Review: no?
Archeticecture/Performance Review: no
Security Review: no
Screencast (if applicable): no
Community support: no

anubhav: On which site do you want to see this deployed? Is there any community consensus to point to?

Currently this ticket is not actionable and would be closed soon. :-(

Does this extension works for non-English wikis?

No community consensus provided; no information provided which exact wiki this refers to. Closing as INVALID for the time being.

anubhav: Feel free to provide missing information here.