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Labels of form elements in the preferences are messed up
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We have an often occurring situation for boolean settings, where the label is placed to the right of the checkbox, and a 'dummy' empty label is inserted before the textbox.

The dummy label is first in the dom, and thus used by accessibility tools

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TheDJ: Any plans to rework the patch?

Change 78500 had a related patch set uploaded by TheDJ:
Preferences: Remove dummy labels for Checkboxes

Change 78500 abandoned by TheDJ:
Preferences: Remove dummy labels for Checkboxes

Status == no clue

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The checkboxes in the Notifications tab of Special:Preferences, from the Echo extension, appear to violate WCAG 2.0 SC 1.1.1 (Level A). I don't see any label for those checkboxes, not even an empty label. Each checkbox needs to have a human-readable name that describes its purpose. Presumably that means the "web" and "email" checkboxes on each row need to have different names. An aria-label attribute would be sufficient.

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I added screenshots of this original problem to the description, as it's a bit hard to figure out perhaps what this ticket was about for others.

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With T117781: Convert Special:Preferences to OOUI resolved the checkbox labels are bound to the checkboxes via id and for. The labels above are still marked-up as labels, but shouldn't be an issue in modern browsers/AT combinations any more.