VisualEditor: reusing existing reference generates duplicate references
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All the references adding in this edit: were added using the "use existing reference" option.

It seems that only when I added the same reference on the same line (trying to reproduce a different bug) did it reuse the existing ref rather than creating a duplicate one.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal


bzimport set Reference to bz52755.

user Biosthmors at en.wp reports that this bug is frustrating his efforts to recruit a campus ambassador because they are getting so frustrated at trying to get VE to do what it claims it will do.

I'm not sure I understand this bug report – surely it's obvious that if you re-use a reference, we need to modify the original reference to have a name (if it doesn't already have one) so we can re-use it? That's how MediaWiki's referencing system works. Please re-open if I've missed something.

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