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<h[1-6]>..</h[1-6]> inside <php>..</php> code counts towards section edit count (but not rendered headings count)
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Author: bugzilla-wikimedia-org

I have installed the GeSHi syntax highlighting extension on my wiki. The page source looks like this:


File 1


File 2


When that code is rendered, the html codes are escaped properly and the <h1> is not counted as a heading either in
the TOC or the section counter. (If you haven't seen it in use, the output just looks like a color-coded
<pre><nowiki>..</nowiki></pre> section, which does work properly btw.)

However, it IS counted on the edit page. e.g. If I click edit for File 2, the link is action=edit&section=3
(correct). But what is displayed for editing is this:



(Section 2 is File 1 up to that <h1> tag and section 4 is File 2.)

Other extensions with heading tags in them have the same problem, but I tried it with <math> (just to test a built-
in tag) and had no problem.

Version: 1.5.x
Severity: minor



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