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Support Parsoid HTML+RDFa storage alongside or instead of wikitext
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A user asks if VE shouldn't now get rid of apostrophes used for formatting and use common tags instead <b>, <i>...

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I believe this is a long-term goal.

To clarify, is this asking for VisualEditor to replace wikitext (WT) with HTML equivalents (but still inside a wikitext place)?

If so, that's not something we will do:

  • it makes it hard for users to edit with WT;
  • it would be bad to have VE replace other users' WT unexpectedly;
  • it would be confusing to have mixtures of WT and HTML; and
  • it doesn't save anything technically (it'd still need to go through Parsoid).

Because of these factors, that suggestion is a WONTFIX.

However, there is a different goal for Parsoid to be able to store their HTML+RDFa in the database directly, either alongside, or instead of, the WT that is currently stored. This has a number of advantages but is very far off.

I'm going to re-sort this to reflect the second of these, as I don't believe that there is an existing bug.

Bug 49143 is the related bug.

(Can't reply right now and for a few days, but in the meantime, someone else begs to differ: )

Supporting HTML storage is indeed one of our goals for this fiscal year, and an important part of our long-term strategy. We plan to store both HTML and wikitext (plus metadata) for a while, but are working on supporting HTML-only wikis. Those will still be editable using wikitext by using Parsoid for the conversion from HTML to wikitext and then back to HTML after the edit.

See our roadmap at for more detail.

Closing this as a duplicate to avoid confusion.

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 49143 ***