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Category contents is not shown if the preview is at the bottom
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Author: bugzilla-wikimedia-org



$wgOut->addHTML( '<div id="wikiPreview">' );
if ( 'preview' == $formtype) {
$previewOutput = $this->getPreviewText( $isConflict, $isCssJsSubpage );
if ( $wgUser->getOption('previewontop' ) ) {

		$wgOut->addHTML( $previewOutput );
		if($this->mTitle->getNamespace() == NS_CATEGORY) {
		$wgOut->addHTML( "<br style=\"clear:both;\" />\n" );


$wgOut->addHTML( '</div>' );


if ( $formtype == 'preview' && !$wgUser->getOption( 'previewontop' ) ) {
$wgOut->addHTML( '<div id="wikiPreview">' . $previewOutput . '</div>' );


I.e. this is missing:
if($this->mTitle->getNamespace() == NS_CATEGORY) {



Also, if it's at the bottom. "<div id="wikiPreview"></div>" is still output at the top, resulting
in two divs with the same id. (I don't know if this causes a problem for scripting or not but it's
still unnecessary.)

(I also noticed openShowCategory() not called - although it is currently blank, if anything was
added to it then the preview would be different to the action view.)

Version: 1.5.x
Severity: minor



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Fixed in HEAD for 1.6.