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Add possibility to override displayed pages interval in <pages/>
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Author: bmassot

Please add possibility to override pages interval in <pages/> tags, so that we could use any text for the first and last page in headers of transclusion pages in Wikisource, instead of being stuck to names automatically computed from <pagelist/> tags.

For example I would like to be able to use something like :
<pages index="some_name.djvu" from="243" to="264" displayed_from="229" displayed_to="248" header="1"/>

Then Module:Header_template would display "pp. 229-248" instead of the values computed from <pagelist/>.

That would allow to avoid ugly hacks when using automatic values is not relevant (it does happen!).

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Severity: enhancement



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This can be done easily by editing directly the header template and the Proofread Page configuration. Please, can you add an use case example in

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