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accesskey "v" is already used for "show changes"
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It seems visual editor adds access key "v" for visual editing. That accesskey is already in use for viewing diffs both in histories (although that needs a fix for bug 24977) and when editing pages. Visual editor needs to find another access key.

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Lejonel created this task.Aug 17 2013, 8:53 PM

I assume this is fallout from bug 48107, see the patch in .

Lejonel: Any proposals for a better (and unused) access key?

Ltrlg added a comment.Aug 23 2013, 3:25 PM

See related bug 52701

I have no good suggestions for an other access key, the most obvious choices "v" or "e" are already in use. Most (maybe all) other letters are also used and would have very little connection to visual editing.

Maybe visual editing does not need an access key when a user is using "old non-visual" edit box or viewing page histories? For me it seems logical that you first look at the page and then choose to start visual editing. Then "v" would mean "view diff" in histories and "show changes" in non-visual edit box, but "visual edit" while viewing pages. That would be a bit like access key "p" that means "preview edit" while editing pages but "printable version" when viewing pages.

Especially in namespaces where visual editing is not allowed, "v" should not be used to mean visual edit. For example try alt+shift+v (or the key combination your browser uses) in [[sv:Diskussion:Real Madrid]].

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The part of this bug about edit box is the same as bug 52701. But that bug does not mention page histories.

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