VisualEditor: Show "Review changes" link in the toolbar all the time, or available somehow (on hover?) rather than just through save dialog
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I am editing a page and something untoward happens. To review changes, I now have to click "Save page", which is sort of like a sign above a circular saw saying, "To unplug, please saw through wall. Thank you for your cooperation."


Perhaps hovering over the "save page" button could drop down alternative actions, such as "save draft of changes", "review..." etc.

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awight created this task.Aug 18 2013, 7:58 AM

Firstly, hover is something we avoid using in VisualEditor as it means the functionality isn't available for those using a touch interface. I don't think this is "major" - closer to "minor" - but either way it's an enhancement.

Also, there's an existing bug to show what changes you've made as you enter them (e.g. by highlighting the background of the new text, like Microsoft Word's "tracked changes" view): bug 37931.