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Allow users to select a preferred set of input methods for display from the IME keyboard icon
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Universal Language Selector provides one or more input methods for many languages. Users get to see the list of all the input methods when they choose the language from the keyboard preferences (either from the IME keyboard icon or from the ULS language panel). This behaviour hinders in two specific cases (may or may not occur independently):

  1. When all the input methods for a language may not be used by a user, and/or
  2. When a user chooses to use multiple input methods from more than one language (i.e. a multi-lingual user)

A workaround would be to allow the users (possibly only logged-in users) to choose a subset of input methods from the larger list, that they would like to view as their default set from the IME keyboard icon. This set can be modified by the users themselves at any point of time.

More Information:

  1. This feature is commonly used in desktop environments where the most frequently used input methods are set by the user and is easily accessible through panels/keyboard shortcuts.

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Closing this as a duplicate for the WONTFIX-ed bug 51352.

If a user switches input methods this often, the input methods feature of ULS is probably too light weight for them. I've discussed it back then with Pau, and we are of the opinion that we do not want to complicate the UI of ULS for the most often used basic scenario's to support complex scenarios.

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 51352 ***