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Text jumps while entering edit summary in Safari iOS 4.2.1
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Using an iPod touch 2nd gen running iOS 4.2.1, I edit an article on the mobile Wikipedia site, then try to enter the edit summary. After every letter entered, the displayed text (above the virtual keyboard) jumps up and down. This happens both in portrait and in landscape mode.

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Yes, this still happens, using the stock Safari browser on iOS 4.2.1 to edit

There's an additional issue, which I may have overlooked before or which may be new: in portrait mode, when I'm entering the edit summary, the virtual keyboard initially obscures the edit summary input field. As I enter a letter, the displayed text above the keyboard scrolls up, exposing the input field for a moment, and then immediately scrolls back down again.

Thanks so much for taking the time to make that video Axel. I seem to remember seeing similar behaviour on another device but I foget which.

I'll try and hunt down this iOS device or an emulator...!

This is actually the same problem as bug 53053

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 53053 ***

On further inspection this is to do with position fixed handling in this browser and unrelated to the textarea issue. Fix on the way.