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Article scrolled to top when starting to edit
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With an iPod Touch 2nd gen, iOS 4.2.1, Safari browser, I start to edit an article on the mobile Wikipedia site. I click on the pencil icon, the wiki source textarea appears, I scroll down to the location I want to edit, and tap on it. At that point the virtual keyboard appears, and the wiki source in the textarea is inappropriately scrolled up to the very beginning of the article so that I lose sight of the cursor. This happens both in portrait and in landscape mode.

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We are having problems tracking down a iOS 4.2.1 to fix this. Does anyone have one and willing to submit a patch?

It appears that Xcode can simulate iOS 4.2.1 with a bit of prodding:

I understand you can then run Safari from within the Xcode simulator.

I can replicate this on iOS simulator 4.2

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It seems to be the default behaviour of the older iOS's to scroll to the top of any input that is focused so that the top of the textarea is in view.

If you start typing after focusing it will return to where you clicked.

Must be a workaround for this issue.

Unfortunately this seems to be a quirk of iOS. It seems if you click a key on the keyboard it will scroll to the appropriate position.

This one may not be possible to fix. I'll prod a bit more but we may have to live with this, or alternatively fix the size of the textarea and make it scrollable.

Seems to also effect iOS 4.1.

Doesn't look like there is anything we can do here.
WONTFIX as I can't fix it..

If anyone finds a way to get round this limitation of iOS please update the bug report with details.